Stephen Ardovino

   “Art is a gift.  I feel blessed to have the ability to convey my perception to the viewer with paint and canvas.”

    I discovered my artistic ability very early in life.  Encouraged by my family, I began painting murals and commissioned my first composition.   It was then that I developed a passion for painting more personal subject matter.  Through years of practice and studying a multitude of artist’s works, I developed my style.  Particularly inspiring was and still is Leonardo DaVinci. Da Vinci’s sketches and pastels hang in my studio.  Rather than limit myself to one particular style or subject matter I enjoy blending different methods.  When painting murals I am inspired by the works of the realist artists of the 19th century, and my paintings tend to be in the later impressionism style. 

   One goal in my paintings is to evoke a mood rather than just portray an image.  I paint different versions of the same subject because I see it in so many different ways.  My paintings display a venerable appearance, illuminating light effects, roughly wrought surfaces, spontaneous brush strokes and flat un-modeled colors.

     Birmingham Alabama has been my home since birth.  My wife Cathy and I have two sons.  As I have watched them grow I see my artistic ability in them.  It truly amazes me to see them carry on such a precious gift.  Since art is a deep passion of mine, I will always paint, regardless of my success or failures.

Contact info - Biography

    Stephen Ardovino is a self-taught artist from Birmingham, Alabama. He began drawing at an early age and his love and appreciation for art has continued and developed throughout the years. Studying the works of many artist, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Monet, Stephen developed his own technique, not limiting himself to any particular style. Stephen and his wife Cathy, currently reside in Birmingham with their two sons and daughter.


Phone:     205 223-2780